The Gold Informant Bio

In many ways The Gold Informant is just an average Joe. Coming from a fairly typical middle-class family, he married, raised a couple of his own children and now enjoys the pleasures of being a grandfather.

Life experience has been both typical and atypical. Working in various fields and having some opportunity to travel, he’s always been a voracious student of people and how things work; whether mechanical, scientific, social or anything else that is before him. This is evident in his role as The Gold Informant, where he’s made it clear that one of his main goals is to help people think, understand and respond with discernment.

Being a student of people and how things work, one of the areas he’s worked hard to understand is economics. It didn’t take long before he was convinced of the superiority of the Austrian School of Economics over any other economic school of thought. The advantages will be spoken of often in this blog, but central is the fact that it rewards man for his work and allows his failures to manifest in ways that offer greater opportunities for future success.

Another advantage that quickly became evident is the reliance upon intrinsic value in the monetary supply. It’s just plain honest to hand someone “money” that is actually worth something, in and of itself. And a money supply with true value is very difficult for the printing presses to manipulate. It was this understanding, coupled with the recognition and fiat fiscal policies destroy wealth and strip opportunity, which led to his pursuit of a greater understanding of true money.

As his knowledge grew in regard to the fundamentals regarding precious metals, he endeavored to help others understand. It was from this pursuit that he eventually became The Gold Informant. Nobody has all the answers. But understanding how to pursue them is a large part of the battle. It’s our desire that you’ll join us in that pursuit, seeking truth, growing in knowledge and opening opportunity that such knowledge breeds.

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J. Keith Johnson

The Gold Informant

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